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We specialize in providing high-performance Medical Products, Medical and Pharmaceutical Promotional Products, Laboratory Consumables, and Patient Education and Training Products. We have our own factory named Pro-Health Plastics Technology Corporation. --About us---

Pro-Health Product Limited was founded in 2007 and is a well-known product innovator and developer. We specialize in providing high-performance Medical Products, Medical and Pharmaceutical Promotional Products, Laboratory Consumables, Patient Education and Training Products.

Our business office and factory are located in Guangzhou, China, the central region of the Pearl River Delta, which serves as the southern gateway to China. It is one of the most developed areas of industrial manufacturing in China. While we are a local business with family ties and roots here, our staff is well educated and thoroughly experienced in international perspectives. We adhere to the highest ethics and moral business standards. At Pro-Health, customer satisfaction is Job one (our first priority).

---Our Certificates and reputation---

From the very beginning, our focus has been on the quality of our service and our products. In 2008, we received CE and ISO13485 certification. Most of our medical products are also registered with the FDA in the U.S.A. After our CE and ISO13485 certificates expired, we upgraded to ISO9001 certification to ensure that our company continues to provide the best service and highest scientific quality to our customers. In addition, we utilize outside testing organizations (e.g., SGS) to ensure quality standards for both our products and the raw materials that we use. These test reports are made available to our customers to ensure their highest confidence and satisfaction with the products that we supply. We have always passed the rigid audits of all trade associations that we are affiliated with including Alibaba, Made-in-china, Global sources, HKTDC, etc. We have often been recommended by some of our customers to worldwide organizations like ICG, WPAP, etc.

---Our team---

Pro-Health team is knowledgeable and reliable. This incorporates everything from outstanding customer service, sourcing, and production, to the highest standards of quality control. Much of this depends, of course, on your own individual needs, specifications and requirements. Our team is experienced in virtually all phases of conducting business in China and if we can't or don't manufacture a particular product ourselves, we can serve as a liaison to locate a suitable China-based matchup for your needs. We not only know the different customs and culture of countries worldwide, we are also familiar with the needs of customers, care very deeply about those needs, and will do our utmost to meet and satisfy them.

---About Our Facilities and Manufacturing---

Our company was founded in southern China with the desire to combine leading-edge business strategies with products that are unique to the customer's needs and requirements. Our primary goal is to strive for continuous innovation with the ability to seek out products and/or develop them ourselves in a quick and timely fashion. We have earned a very proud reputation in the process.

We established our own factory in 2010 named Pro-Health Plastics Technology Corporation, located in the Nansha district of Guangzhou. Our factory consists of over 3,000 square meters and is an integral part of Pro-Health Product Limited. Our factory has a 100,000-class injection clean workshop and a 100,000-class packaging clean room with modern and advanced machines and tools. We also have an outstanding team of workers integrated with a team of diligent QC specialists. The factory is the manufacturing arm of our business and comprises four core departments:
Production Center
Packaging and Repackaging Center
Quality Control Center

---Specializing in---

Pharmaceutical Promotional Items
Patient Education and Training Products
Medical and Healthcare Items
Plastic Injection Molding Products
Precise Plastic Laboratory Consumables

---Our Service---

OEM/ODM Development
Prototyping, Molding and Tooling
Sourcing and Branding